Roof tile calculation is based on several factors like batten spacing, slope of the roof, type of roof,design of the roofs etc . It is highly recommended to seek the advice of a professionally qualified person to calculate the roof area. The following details will help you in calculating the approximate requirement of roofing tiles and fittings

Roof Tile Calculations

  • Multiply Length and Width of the Building including Overhanging
  • Multiply the above area with Slope Factor to get roof area
  • Divide the Roof area by coverage area of a roof tile recommended based on the slope of the roof
  • Add the allowance for Cutting

Estimating Accessories

  • RIDGE CAPS: Determine the Linear length of ridges and hips. Divide by the length by the linear coverage of Ridges (300mm) to calculate the number required.
  • BARGE TILE: Number of barges equal to the number of courses of Main tiles in the area barges to be fixed