Pionnier Roofing is fully committed to sustainable development. Right from the inception we have been sincere in our efforts to become a socially responsible corporate organization. This philosophy is reflected in our two pronged strategy of sustainable products and processes.

Sustainable Products



Durability and longevity of the product not only improves the customer satisfaction but also good for the environment. There is less consumption of raw materials and less concerns on the disposal of scrap material. The fact is that Pionnier tiles have a life span much more than that of the building structure, ensures less usage of scarce natural resources and production of waste and thereby damage to the environment.


Weather Resistant

  • Low water absorption and permeability. Water absorption of the Pionnier tiles are less than 10%. No drop of water or dampness shall have formed on the underside of the tile even after several days of heavy rains thereby achieving the quality of impermeable upper surface.
  • Low maintenance: Properly installed Pionnier roof tiles ensures very little Maintenance during the entire life span of the building. Also the damaged tiles if any can be replaced easily.
  • Fire resistance: Pionnier Concrete tiles are non combustible and hence provide excellent protection from fire
  • Non rusting and corroding: Our roof tiles will never rust, warp or corrode, unlike some other roofing materials.
  • Salt safe: Our roofs are ideal for coastal locations that endure the wind, spray and salt of the ocean.
  • Good for high wind zones: Our tiles are efficiently designed with sufficient weight with tile securing and interlocking systems to prevent and resist Dislodging during high winds and even cyclones. Several researches proved that properly installed concrete roof tiles can withstand winds in excess of 130 Km per hour that normally dislodges most other roofing materials.

Thermal insulation

Our roof tiles have better thermal insulations compared to some other roofing materials such as metal and ceramic roofing tiles. Low thermal absorption along with the Bold roll Contour design allows sufficient air passage when laid properly will ensure your comfort inside the living space. This helps save your money and the environment through energy savings. It also has the provision for the moisture to escape controlling the dampness.

Insulation against sound pollution

Its acoustic properties keep unwanted noise out. It cuts noise levels by as much as 30 decimals, 50% less than thinner roofing materials. The advanced insulation properties due to its better density ensure a pleasant and quiet stay during heavy rains avoiding rain pelting disturbing noise.

Safe water

The water flowing off from roofs laid with Pionnier tiles is safe and free from harmful chemicals. Which means you can have rainwater harvesting systems in your home and the water can be used for cleaning, gardening and other purposes.

Sustainable Processes

Resource Management

Reducing the consumption of resources and increasing resource efficiency are the foundations of successful business. We manage raw materials and water carefully so that wastage is kept to a bare minimum. As part of this initiative we also promote rainwater harvesting systems.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Reducing energy use is a key component of responsible development. We have been constantly innovating to reduce energy consumption at our factories. We are also looking at alternate energy options that are environmentally friendly as part of our social responsibility.


We have set up plants that have very little emissions and are constant in our pursuit for making our processes more efficient and environmentally friendly thus contribute towards reduced carbon foot prints.

Waste management

Waste from manufacturing process is reduced to the barest minimum. Whatever waste produced is recycled and reused in the plant.

Community & Local Labour

Labour is also a resource and as much as possible we use local people in our factories as part of our corporate social responsibility. Besides we contribute to the local communities in many different ways.


We buy raw materials in such a manner that transportation is minimum. Our plants located near our markets ensure that the customers can buy the finished products with minimum transportation cost. The excellent logistics planning not only keeps costs down but contributes to sustaining the environment through less fuel consumption.